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April 02, 2005



It the same thing with all our foods. It a question of how they are raised. If Americans ate more goose and duck do you think this would be an issue? No! We eat beef, and do most Americans really give a crap about where their beef comes from? 99% of the time no. Steers, Pigs and Chickens are given a far worse ride on the animal to table train than a few ducks and geese who give their lives nobly in well taken care of circumstances. To use the activists arguments: than all foods, from the live apple we kill with each cruel bite, to the carrots we rip screaming from mother earth: to the meat we consume as part of everyday life should be banned. Raised humanely, taken care of on small family farms, produced locally--these are the products we should be looking for, supporting and enjoying. Including Foie Gras. Trotter is politically motivated. He can't stomach the idea of standing up for food's rights because it might mean people taunt him or stop coming to his places. Take a stand and suffer the consequences. . .hey, maybe that's why I don't have a job. . . .

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