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April 02, 2005



Chicago Tribune reporter replies to some of my queries > http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=64581&st=180#

My other questions to his second post were removed. I found it interesting that of all the people he interviewed(10), 2 were openly against foie gras(the politician and the farm sanctuary head) and the rest werent. Basically my opinion is that the article had an agenda right from the beginning. Because it made good entertainment. Not that anything is wrong with that, but it is insulting to the intelligence of the average reader to say that it was a 'fair' and objective piece that represented 'both' sides.

The way I read it, CT was asked for an interview by Caro based on the notes Phil.V, the trib restaurant critic, took while in conversation with CT. Before the interview took place, Caro had interviewed RT and Grant Achatz to get their opinions about CT's decision. This is not good reporting. So when the time to interview CT comes, Caro throws RT's "hypocrite" comment at him. No wonder CT blew his top. Imagine thinking that he could present a neat case for his seemingly noble/ethical cause and ending up having to defend himself against name calling by RT. I am just surprised that the Trib saw it fit to put this piece of bad reporting on its front page.(altho' I dont know if it is the front page of the paper edition or the web edition)

In the meantime, Anthony Bourdain jumps in the middle of the egullet thread and spreads false rumours about CT cooking foie gras for a fundraiser(by all accounts, it seems that it was Heston and Tetsuya who created the foie items, but when I asked for confirmation, bourdain disappeared...this rumour appeared in NY Post page 6)

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