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February 07, 2006


Cooks Wife


I am unsure if you are citing the tacos or the chicken but either way you are mistaken. I give full credit to Thomas Keller on the Roast Chicken - which is the posting that you posted your comment on.

If you are referring to the Baja fish tacos - it is similar to the food network one where they cited no chef. I pulled a lot of it from there - I used their prep instructions for sure but when it came to ingrediants I deleted things and added things...we differ -- they don't use cumin, they don't use cilantro, they don't use radish or zest of lime ... I don't use garlic salt- it is an adaptation of a recipe - it's not unusal or unethical -- Chefs do it all the time -- otherwise, Molten Chocolate Cake would forever be an exclusive on Jean-Georges' menu! PLUS I don't even take credit for creating anything but merely making fish tacos and sharing something that worked for me.

Geesh lady....

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